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Welcome in the big world of small calculators

This a journey through long passed times when it was an adventure to add up high-figure numbers.

Small figures, no problem! But to add up large numbers you needed a pencil and sheet of paper. 
That time no private person or workshop could afford a real mechanical adding machine nor four function calculator. Those only were available for big companies, academical institutes or big banks. 
You can see - that was the same situation as today.

But with the cheap "calculator for all", most of all being produced by ADDIATOR company since 1920, everybody could buy and use an adder. The head was free for other things and result was ever correct.

Oooh ...I'm sorry. It's not so simple for me to translate to English! At the moment it's not intended to translate this sites to English or an other language. But I think with all the existing translating tools there is no necessity to offer a version in your language.

ADDIATOR alle 5 Typen
ADDIATOR: All 5 different sizes

German overview
If you're interested in non-decimal mechanical calculators of all construction principles try in James Redin's
home page my article in English language, which will be published in HWB of our club IFHB in 2002 in German language:
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